Giveaway + Early Access for Before The Storm!

By Maher Manoubi, November 5, 2015

Hello all. After eight months of hard dedicated work we have finally produced a playable version of Tidal Affair - Before The Storm, Available Now for Early Access!
It is sitting at US $7.99 (20% off).

Still want a shot of a free copy of Tidal Affair - Before The Storm? Subscribe to our mailing list below for a chance to win a free copy! We will randomly select 4 lucky subscribers by 11PM PST.

For those interested in playing the Early Access Version, we invite you to report any issues and feedback to Your feedback and criticism would be greatly appreciated and integral to our final release coming this November 24.

Want to write a review about it on Steam? Post a LP video of it on your Youtube Channel? Then by all means! Not only can we draw useful information from your content but it will also help us gain some of the visibility we need.

Also expect frequent updates every now and then until the official release. The Changelog/Dev Notes are available in Steam.

For more information about the game, checkout the dedicated page for Tidal Affair - Before The Storm.

Thank you for reading and enjoy! :-)