About Us

Overcurfew is an independent game developer based in Vancouver, BC. We are gamers, diverse but with a common dream of bringing our imaginations to life in the form of video games. We want to instill the reminiscient feel of the 3D games that inspired us, while inventing crisp, innovative mechanics and experiences that shake up the status quo of modern games. We love what we do. To us, game development is not job, but a lifestyle. It has become natural for us to work 'over the curfew'. We have released Before The Storm, our first title of the original Tidal Affair trilogy. It is currently available for the PC and Mac via Steam. The release for the PS4 and Playstation Vita is coming soon. Date TBD.

Kevin dela Cruz

Art & Director

Having pretty much been in every corner of development, Kevin aspires to utilize the most efficient way to execute his visions on paper. A seven year vet in both the game and film industry. He goes by the pen name ‘pxlfro’.

Maher Manoubi


With a strong passion for games, Maher was able to drop everything and tackle game development head on. With over four years of experience in software development, Maher is able to pick things up at an unbelievable pace.